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001: Butter London ‘Sprog‘ // 002: Cute storage // 003: ASOS studded clutch // 004: Topshop high tops // 005: Topshop ‘Sea Mist‘ // 006: It’s all about the huge neck wear // 007: Geometric luuurve // 008: I will sleep!! // 009: Butter London ‘Muggins‘ // 010: Just posin’ // 011: Lazy PJ day // 012: Mini splurge // 013: Last chance to get the toes out before winter sets in // 014: Bath Abbey // 015: Birthday chocolates, yum and yum // 016: Safari! // 017: Deer feeding 🙂 // 018: Plymouth, on a good day // 019: New favourite poem // 020: Mocha love // 021: Beefing up the hair // 022: Longleat House // 023: Whoops // 024: BF gave me his heart… // 025: I’m not sharing my wish with you, it won’t come true // 026: These little guys weren’t shy! // 027: Bath Abbey

Things I’ve learnt this last, umm, while..?

  • Butter London nail varnishes, oh my, they’re AWESOME!  I tested them out, love the consistency, apply so easily and lasted 8 days, let me repeat EIGHT days before chipping!  I’m pretty lazy when it comes to changing my varnish, I just want to apply it and leave it to look awesome, no maintenance here please.  I’ll definitely be purchasing some more, Fiddlesticks from their new holiday collection is the next on my list.
  • I never thought I’d own a pair of wedge high tops, but I now own two pairs!  This pair from Office are also super cool, super comfy.
  • Plymouth really isn’t so bad, when the sun is shining.  I’m such a coastal girl.

September’s most AWESOME blogs…

September’s been all about finding myself some sort of routine again.  I’ve been all out of sorts of late, and I’ve felt it physically and mentally.  So the gym schedule has been penned in my diary, no more snaking on the go and making REAL food again, taking down time of absolute nothingness, and remembering to do ONE THING AT A TIME!  Yeah I can multitask, name a woman who can’t, but juggling 38 balls all at once gets somewhat a little stressful.  I see you nodding in agreement.

So, it’s time to start holiday saving, making some of the recipes I’ve been pinning like a crazed pinning machine, and updating and warming up that wardrobe of mine.

  1. I REALLY want to start making some video diaries.  I love watching other people’s, I must get over my fear on learning how to edit them.
  2. Sophie Dahl is just beautiful…
  3. I need to find out if this granola is as killer as it states, after making my first batch, I can confirm it certainly is!
  4. I absolutely adore the little love stories on this blog.
  5. Leather, studs and lace, what’s not to love?!
  6. I never thought I’d say it, but I want a black panther tshirt.
  7. Love black and white, love simplicity, love beautiful handwriting.
  8. Must. Be. More. Brave. With. My. Lip. Colour.
  9. This totally inspired me to get more crafty.
  10. I soooooooooooo hope these brownies taste as jaw dropping good as they look!!
  11. As if I didn’t already want a holiday badly enough… So, so jealous.

How’s your September treated you?

Sneak Peak : Oversized ASOS studded clutch

Oversized studded clutch/ASOS

Getting all winter ready, I decided I needed to order my first snood.  Which I’m now totally in love with, and am now of the complete bewilderment why I’ve only ever entertained the idea of scarves before, all that flapping around material – not any more!  But anyway, I digress.  Whilst navigating my way around ASOS, it’s difficult impossible not to get a little way too sidetracked, which I MIGHT just have done, again.

I’m both feet, hook line and sinker into the studded trend right now, and I’m a sucker for an awesome clutch anyway, so I had no hope when my eyes laid my eyes across this.  AND it’s currently in the sale.  AND it’s going to unknowingly teach me the hard lesson of not carrying my entire life in my handbag.  (I’m not the only one who does that, right??)

Where’s the nearest oversized tee anonymous?

I’ve got an addiction.  It crept up on me.  I wasn’t planning it, no one told me.  It just sprung itself on me, and I unknowingly embraced it.  I walk through a shop, just browsing away, as you do, then BAM!  It hits the corner of my eye, my neck turns sharply with ninja like  reflexes.  THAT oversized tee has caught my eye, must. walk. over. and. have. it. now.  I know, it’s a strange one huh?  But I can’t help it, it’s not my fault, they’re just so comfy and easy to wear.

I’d link you up to the H&M site, but they frustratingly never seem to have on line what I see in store (and vice versa).  It seems to be H&M month this month, and H&M metallic month at that.

So with skinny jeans on, and one super oversized metallic gold tee, it can only mean one thing, cocktails-o’clock with a good girly catch up.

Silver linen, meet neon…

Silver linen blazer/H&M – Neon vest/H&M – Grey skinny jeans/H&M

Whoops.  I can’t even remember what I was aiming to buy when I popped into H&M, but it wasn’t any of these.  I just kind of walked from one end of the store to the other, and these just gravitated towards me, flinging themselves over my arms.  It happens.  Really.

You know your boyfriend loves you when…

…he buys you a super cute vest tee telling you so!

I know, I know, super cute right??  I don’t know whether I love the bold punchy graphics, or the unique packaging more!  You can get your hands on one (ok, direct your boyfriend) here.  And speaking of boyfriends…  They’ve an awesome range for guys, and as everyone seems to be mentioning that disgusting ‘C’ word already, bookmark Pistol Boutique‘s page ready and waiting for those festive purchases.

Pump up the Volume! : Hair Review

I’m about to introduce you to your new best volumising friends.  Reader, meet Redken’s Quick Tease and Powder Grip, Quick Tease and Powder Grip,  meet my lovely reader.  Now the pleasantries are done, let’s get down to business.

You’re going to wonder how your hair ever lived without these two dear friends.  Really.  You know those days when you’ve just washed your hair, and you pump it full of dry shampoo in the vain attempt to get some control?  To tame down those uncontrollable, flyaway strands?  Well, we can do better than that, much, much better.

Redken Powder Grip – 10/10:  Purchase this now.  No really, PURCHASE THIS NOW.  You want volume?  THIS is the first thing on your list.  Ditch that dry shampoo attempting to give you some control, some texture, which is does, in a weight your hair down – can’t use too much else your gunna look like you’ve been dunked head first in a huge pot of talc – kind of way.  THIS, this is what’s gonna do the job you want, give you all that texture with just a little dusting of powder at the roots.  You’re gunna just just tease it a little with you’re fingertips and poof!  Whatch it volume up before your very eyes.  Texture texture texture!  And none of that hideous weightiness.  If you have super fine hair like me, it gives you some vain attempt at getting a style (that holds!) going on.

Redken Quick Tease – 9/10: Backcomb in a can!  I know, genius right?!  Who needs to distress their hair and tangle it up when you’ve a can that does just the job, in a no fuss kinda way?!  Lift your hair, just as you would as if you were backcombing, and give a little spray of this stuff.  You’re gunna get that puzzled look on your face as you release your hair, watching it fall with great volume as if you’d just gone backcombing crazy.  Just a little spray is all you need, don’t go crazy or your hair will go a little nuts, but damn, is my hairdresser THE best person EVER for introducing these to me!  If you have regular hair, I’m sure you’re gunna give this a 10/10, but us fine haired people are going to find that whilst we love it, it doesn’t have a 100% hold with our flyaway tresses.  A mix of the two however, and a decent hairspray, and you’ll do just fine.