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Home is where the heart is


Considering the wanderlust blood that pumps though my veins, home is feeling so good right now.  I’ve moved house more time than I care to remember, and more than any of my friends can catch up with.  You know you have to put some roots down when every time a friend visits the first question they ask is… “sorry, where do you live again now??”  So, I’ve been planting, laying those roots.  And I’m there, nearly.  Essentials in (and the rest ordered) and in the new year I can focus on those finishing nesting touches.

And 2013 will see the start of my kicking my photography right up the arse.  Yes, I said arse.  And it’s being well and truly kicked.  I’m not getting in the way of me achieving this ambition.  And yup, can hold me to that.


Falling in love with fall…

I’m not the best known for loving winter (/fall).  I kick and screeeeeeam my way into the cold wintery months.  If someone told me I cold duck my head under the duvet and hibernate there until spring, I’d probably take them up on their offer.  I love the feeling of summer air on my skin, pretty summer dresses, squishing my toes in sand, looking undead with a delicate golden tan…  Winter snaps me hard out of that daydream, of blissful summer love.

I’m making no promises this year that I’m going to love winter anymore than normal, with exception that I’m going to try.  For the first time quite possibly ever, I’ve found a winter coat that I LOVE.  I’m going to update my wardrobe and make it winter ready, take time for me, time for the things I enjoy that I don’t always need (blissful) sunshine for.  Photography, lazy mornings in bed, more Body Balance classes, fresh walks along the beach, more BF time, more creative time…

Photo’s here & here.

How do you get yourself through winter?

You know your boyfriend loves you when…

…he buys you a super cute vest tee telling you so!

I know, I know, super cute right??  I don’t know whether I love the bold punchy graphics, or the unique packaging more!  You can get your hands on one (ok, direct your boyfriend) here.  And speaking of boyfriends…  They’ve an awesome range for guys, and as everyone seems to be mentioning that disgusting ‘C’ word already, bookmark Pistol Boutique‘s page ready and waiting for those festive purchases.

Ducks head under duvet : BRB

You know some times, those days, those yucky awful melancholy days when all you want to do is duck you head under the duvet and hide?  Yeah I’m there.  Life just sweeps up on you sometimes and knocks you off your feet a little, it just gets a bit, well, ‘much’.  I’m definitely not sleeping enough of late, and a world through a constantly sleepy haze is never a good ‘un.  So excuse me a while, I’m investing in some much needed me time, and yearning for BF’s next massive embrace.  BRB.

Photo’s here.