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001: Butter London ‘Sprog‘ // 002: Cute storage // 003: ASOS studded clutch // 004: Topshop high tops // 005: Topshop ‘Sea Mist‘ // 006: It’s all about the huge neck wear // 007: Geometric luuurve // 008: I will sleep!! // 009: Butter London ‘Muggins‘ // 010: Just posin’ // 011: Lazy PJ day // 012: Mini splurge // 013: Last chance to get the toes out before winter sets in // 014: Bath Abbey // 015: Birthday chocolates, yum and yum // 016: Safari! // 017: Deer feeding 🙂 // 018: Plymouth, on a good day // 019: New favourite poem // 020: Mocha love // 021: Beefing up the hair // 022: Longleat House // 023: Whoops // 024: BF gave me his heart… // 025: I’m not sharing my wish with you, it won’t come true // 026: These little guys weren’t shy! // 027: Bath Abbey

Things I’ve learnt this last, umm, while..?

  • Butter London nail varnishes, oh my, they’re AWESOME!  I tested them out, love the consistency, apply so easily and lasted 8 days, let me repeat EIGHT days before chipping!  I’m pretty lazy when it comes to changing my varnish, I just want to apply it and leave it to look awesome, no maintenance here please.  I’ll definitely be purchasing some more, Fiddlesticks from their new holiday collection is the next on my list.
  • I never thought I’d own a pair of wedge high tops, but I now own two pairs!  This pair from Office are also super cool, super comfy.
  • Plymouth really isn’t so bad, when the sun is shining.  I’m such a coastal girl.

A Rummage and an iPhone : Eclectic Interior Charm

DON’T FORGET: My giveaway ends in 5 days so make sure you enter soon!

Now, where were we…. Ah yes..

There are some shops that scream and shout and rave at you to come in, flashing their beauty at you with tonnes of advertising.  And then, and then there’s those little independent, charming, quietly going about their own business, tucked away little gems, that offer you something REALLY unique (and usually steal your afternoon whilst you rummage and delve your way through their treasures).  And that’s exactly how yesterday afternoon was spent, looking for everything and nothing.  One of my favourite in Plymouth is The Rummage Rooms at Interior Motives, which by the way, should also offer classes in shop staff etiquette, as the owner (without force) always offers you the friendliest of smiles and warmth whilst you shop and browse.  An art that’s completely lost on most sales staff theses days.

How I walked away with just one item I’m not sure (some beautiful woven silk from their beautiful selection of unique fabrics) but I did, but I’m still lusting after some beautiful decanters for my non existent whiskey and brandy selection.  There’s no quicker, more satisfying and interesting way to turn your house into a home than by detailing it within some preloved finds, all coming with their on untold story.

DOUBLE GIVEAWAY! : 25 Unique Floral Photograph Prints!

Hey guys! I wanted to do a giveaway, and umm’ed and ahh’ed for aaaaages on what my first giveaway should be, and decided I wanted my first to be personal, hand created, and something I’ve received my most responses on.  AND not only that, I’m making it a double giveaway, so there will be TWO lucky readers that’ll get their hands on a FREE set of 25 unique, summery floral prints!

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Like 529scout on Facebook

2. Leave a comment below on how to contact you if you’re one of the lucky winners.

The giveaway ends midnight on 23rd August 2012 GMT.  Winners will be chosen at random and open to visitors from all countries – I’ll post worldwide.

All have been taken around the English countryside whilst out exploring on my travels, and have been professionally printed on 5×5″ premium quality photographic paper.  There’s 25 photographs in each set, one comes with a black boarder, the other a white.  Each of the 25 prints are different, so there’s no exact duplicates, however some will match if you wanted to compose them together.

I have some in my home also (which thinking of it now, I should have taken photo’s for you!) and can be used in a stack of different creative ways.  I’ve a decretive collage in one of my alcoves, a few I’ve framed with HUGE white mounts and simple black frames, and I’ve even been known to use some in hand made cards for friends.  Some would make AWESOME scrapbooking backdrops too for your own photographs, so your creativity is your limits when it comes to what you’re going to use them for!


Relentless Boardmasters 2012 : Newquay

Just a quickie from my trip to Boardmasters this weekend!!  Reason to live by the sea number 137:


A 12 Minute Beach Affair : Summer (not so) Lovin’

I made a mistake.  A big fat rookie mistake.  It went like this…

A hectic (using the word hectic in this sentence is the first time I’ve under exaggerated – ever) week at work resulted in some much, much, much needed escapism time to oneself.  So, as a rare beautiful day was upon me, there was only one place to take the Kindle and iPod, the ‘I’ve not seen enough of you this year’ beach.

My mistake, forgetting it’s the summer holidays.  I looked over the brow of the hill spotting the sea in anticipation, and my heart sunk when realisation dawned on me.  Palm slapping forehead moment.  My toes have missed the sand A LOT lately, so after a brief affair of foot dipping, I turned on my heels and returned.  I appear not to have the UK ‘I must proudly mark my beach territory with my eye sore windbreaker’ chroma zone.  So the blissfully quite local park had to endure my bikini clad white bits instead today.  Bliss, eventually.

Bags of Compensation : Personal Style

You know when you get your teeth into something and there really is no letting go?  Well you guessed it, for me right now that’s all things grey (and black, white, monochrome, understated and simple) as we can see here and here.  And I’ve gone and done it again, and thought you mitt just like this little high street beauty too.

After an air con leak at work all over my beloved Topshop bag (RIP), I got a shiny new credit slip to compensate myself with another.  I searched high, I searched low (I find bags soooooo hard to shop for, gotta be practical, yet still look good being yanked around everywhere on my arm), I found this.  Look at the grey!  Look at the simplicity!  Look at that little POP of orange secretly hiding itself away!  Oh yes, it’s going to walk proudly with me (and stay away from all air con machines!)

If you want to get your hands up on one of these little beauties (it also come with a shoulder strap) you can flash your plastic at River Island.

Worcester & More Hugs : Day Two : Travel

Witley Court.  I love this place.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  No matter which direction you look, there’s a picture perfect view.  So firstly, please go visit.  Secondly, just a bit too far for you to visit?  Nowhere’s to far in this day and age, please go visit.  Thirdly, to prove why you need to visit, let me begin…

History unfortunately wasn’t on this beautiful building’s side, and it did suffer a massive fire during it’s lifetime, leaving it a ruin.  But it’s strange, as twisted as it may be, it’s kinda why I love it too.  It’s derelict and grand charm.  Do you remember the Friends episode where Ross marries Emily? In a ruined church lit with hundreds of candles?  Well this place (English Heritage permitting) would be PERFECT for that.  Although there is a church right next door also if the more conventional method suits more.

After a romantic, even more hug filled day, (hold your stomachs – I know, can you tell I’ve had a lovely weekend??) we stepped next door to the church’s garden cafe for scones with cream and jam.

After returning home, I’m physically back to reality, but my head definitely isn’t and I’ll keep my smiling to self daydream going as long as I can.

Now enough about me, how was your weekend, please tell me it treated you just as well?