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Home is where the heart is


Considering the wanderlust blood that pumps though my veins, home is feeling so good right now.  I’ve moved house more time than I care to remember, and more than any of my friends can catch up with.  You know you have to put some roots down when every time a friend visits the first question they ask is… “sorry, where do you live again now??”  So, I’ve been planting, laying those roots.  And I’m there, nearly.  Essentials in (and the rest ordered) and in the new year I can focus on those finishing nesting touches.

And 2013 will see the start of my kicking my photography right up the arse.  Yes, I said arse.  And it’s being well and truly kicked.  I’m not getting in the way of me achieving this ambition.  And yup, can hold me to that.


A Rummage and an iPhone : Eclectic Interior Charm

DON’T FORGET: My giveaway ends in 5 days so make sure you enter soon!

Now, where were we…. Ah yes..

There are some shops that scream and shout and rave at you to come in, flashing their beauty at you with tonnes of advertising.  And then, and then there’s those little independent, charming, quietly going about their own business, tucked away little gems, that offer you something REALLY unique (and usually steal your afternoon whilst you rummage and delve your way through their treasures).  And that’s exactly how yesterday afternoon was spent, looking for everything and nothing.  One of my favourite in Plymouth is The Rummage Rooms at Interior Motives, which by the way, should also offer classes in shop staff etiquette, as the owner (without force) always offers you the friendliest of smiles and warmth whilst you shop and browse.  An art that’s completely lost on most sales staff theses days.

How I walked away with just one item I’m not sure (some beautiful woven silk from their beautiful selection of unique fabrics) but I did, but I’m still lusting after some beautiful decanters for my non existent whiskey and brandy selection.  There’s no quicker, more satisfying and interesting way to turn your house into a home than by detailing it within some preloved finds, all coming with their on untold story.

DOUBLE GIVEAWAY! : 25 Unique Floral Photograph Prints!

Hey guys! I wanted to do a giveaway, and umm’ed and ahh’ed for aaaaages on what my first giveaway should be, and decided I wanted my first to be personal, hand created, and something I’ve received my most responses on.  AND not only that, I’m making it a double giveaway, so there will be TWO lucky readers that’ll get their hands on a FREE set of 25 unique, summery floral prints!

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Like 529scout on Facebook

2. Leave a comment below on how to contact you if you’re one of the lucky winners.

The giveaway ends midnight on 23rd August 2012 GMT.  Winners will be chosen at random and open to visitors from all countries – I’ll post worldwide.

All have been taken around the English countryside whilst out exploring on my travels, and have been professionally printed on 5×5″ premium quality photographic paper.  There’s 25 photographs in each set, one comes with a black boarder, the other a white.  Each of the 25 prints are different, so there’s no exact duplicates, however some will match if you wanted to compose them together.

I have some in my home also (which thinking of it now, I should have taken photo’s for you!) and can be used in a stack of different creative ways.  I’ve a decretive collage in one of my alcoves, a few I’ve framed with HUGE white mounts and simple black frames, and I’ve even been known to use some in hand made cards for friends.  Some would make AWESOME scrapbooking backdrops too for your own photographs, so your creativity is your limits when it comes to what you’re going to use them for!


Scribbles & Ink : Turning a house into a home

I’ve illustration pins and reblogged tumlr images everywhere, and the new(ish) apartment means getting some of these saved images scattered on my walls (and ribs) as well as the web.  I’ve just ordered the first on a whim… 

Catherine Campbell print via Etsy

And oh how I need to contact this artist and see about getting me a self portrait.  I’ve never commissioned anything in my life, and feel somewhat extravagant doing so, but how lovely would one of these be??  I’ll need to dust off some French first.  Ok, I’ll enlist some french help…

Illustration by Marynn

And um, *cough*, yeah, whilst I am currently in the process of removing one tattoo (may have to do a post on this full, looooooooong, beyond painful experience at some point) I REALLY do want another.  I’m 80% sure I want this style, but it’s not fixating itself on my body unless I reach at least 99.6% sure.

Tattoo by Marie Kraus

Marilyn Monroe print by Keishia via Etsy

Found via tumblr

And who’d have thought knees could look so cute, right?

Image via SF Girl by Bay

Found via Pinterest

I think it’s the age creeping in.  I’m having all these urges to nest and create a ‘home’.  There’s so much to do, and so much to buy, and goes against all my traveller’s instincts.  But hey, anyone see why I can’t have both?  Nope, me neither.