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Boy in blue

Do you know what feels good?  Finally realising what you want to do in life.  When a camera’s in my hand, I’m in that happy place that no longer feels like work.  Here’s some of the latest of a little man in blue 🙂


My first baby photography shoot

Here’s just a few from my first baby photography session, completely different to my first kids shoot!  Each time I’m learning a little more and a little more…  I’m trying to get the editing balance just right, I see so many overly Photoshoped baby photo’s, and I really want mine to stay as true to the baby/child as possible, and just enhancing where needed.  YouTube has been fantastic for tutorials and after each session I seem to be getting just a little quicker, and picking up one or two new tricks to play around with.

So guys, this is baby Erin.  Feedback as always appreciated…

My first kids photography shoot

Ok, so my camera is like an extension to my right arm – so it’s about time I put that to some good use.  Step in one of my best friends two girl’s to give me a crash course in photographing children.  Oh, how much they have taught me without even knowing it.

It was great having the both of them, and seeing how 2 very different personalities interact with (or avoid!) the camera.  I was (quietly) nervous entering my first kids shoot, attempting to expect the unexpected with them, but I’ve walked away so excited to take more photo’s, get more experienced and enjoy more days like these!  We did an outdoors shoot and we honestly had such great fun.  They had me smiling and laughing most of the day, and I didn’t feel like I was working at all (isn’t that what we all want?)  I ditched the gym that morning, but after four hours running around and playing with them, all whilst trying to get some great photos, I got all the work out I needed that day!

Meadow : Photography

As lazy as I am with my dSLR, I managed to whip it out (briefly) on my trip to Greece.  I wish someone could just ram my camera manual into my head (and a Photoshop manual as well, whilst you’re there…).  I love taking these photo’s however half the time 96% of the time it feels like luck when I strike a good one.  Must. Not. Give. Up. On. Practicing.