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My first baby photography shoot

Here’s just a few from my first baby photography session, completely different to my first kids shoot!  Each time I’m learning a little more and a little more…  I’m trying to get the editing balance just right, I see so many overly Photoshoped baby photo’s, and I really want mine to stay as true to the baby/child as possible, and just enhancing where needed.  YouTube has been fantastic for tutorials and after each session I seem to be getting just a little quicker, and picking up one or two new tricks to play around with.

So guys, this is baby Erin.  Feedback as always appreciated…


A 12 Minute Beach Affair : Summer (not so) Lovin’

I made a mistake.  A big fat rookie mistake.  It went like this…

A hectic (using the word hectic in this sentence is the first time I’ve under exaggerated – ever) week at work resulted in some much, much, much needed escapism time to oneself.  So, as a rare beautiful day was upon me, there was only one place to take the Kindle and iPod, the ‘I’ve not seen enough of you this year’ beach.

My mistake, forgetting it’s the summer holidays.  I looked over the brow of the hill spotting the sea in anticipation, and my heart sunk when realisation dawned on me.  Palm slapping forehead moment.  My toes have missed the sand A LOT lately, so after a brief affair of foot dipping, I turned on my heels and returned.  I appear not to have the UK ‘I must proudly mark my beach territory with my eye sore windbreaker’ chroma zone.  So the blissfully quite local park had to endure my bikini clad white bits instead today.  Bliss, eventually.

Wild Flowers & Sandwiches : Plymouth

In the middle of Plymouth city centre, a new little oasis has emerged.  Now there’s a summer (don’t worry, I whispered that so as not to scare it away again) this is to become my favourite lunch spot.  Every millisecond I can get away from the desk, you’ll find me here, immersed in wild flowers hidden behind my sunnies and kindle (and massive smiles).

Horse Play : Dartmoor : Devon

After 30 years, my surprising revaluation continues into the weekend, that Plymouth really isn’t so bad after all.

I had one of those lovely lazy Saturday’s, doing everything and nothing all at the same time.  On the way to the grocery store to restock the barren cupboards, I detoured across the moors.  You can take the safe assumption they’re in the complete opposite directions, but hey, it’s a do everything and nothing day so who’s caring?  I had no planned direction or destination, and it managed to find me.  Literally, it stopped me in the middle of the road completely oblivious it nearly ended up on a collision course with my car bonnet.  A sharp turn into a makeshift ‘car park’, the iPhone was quickly whipped out to capture this.  Tell me who now wants to move to the edge of the universe to have this on your doorstep.

Pizza & Laughter : Plymouth

I never want to not live by the sea, ever.  And yesterday Plymouth, the usual grey bleak little city that it is, made me do a double take, and think actually Plymouth, you’re not that bad.

After a couple routine weeks at work, I decided we all needed some much needed fun and bonding time.  (And good food, but that’s pretty much always a given with me.)  So, I got the team together and we took ourselves for an amazing deal on the Barbican.

Once a month on a Thursday sees The Vauxhall Quay and Annabel’s come together.  And what do you get?  For a crisp £10 note you’ll receive 1x comedy ticket at Annabel’s, to be enjoyed after filling your tum’s with pizza (and not of that horrid frozen stuff, this is REAL pizza.  Stone baked, super thin base and oozing with cheese) washed down with a chilled glass of vino, or beer, whichever the preference.  All (sunshine permitting, so I know it’s a big IF) whilst overlooking a view like this…

I know, you can see my reason for the double take now right??

It was also open mic night at The Vauxhall Quay, and it was so tempting just to stay, fill up the glasses and enjoy the view, much needed sunshine and performances.

However I have to say we were glad we popped next door to Annabel’s as the comic’s that night were hilarious, there was hardly a dry eye in the place.  Not only were our tummy’s already hurting from pizza over indulgence, but now they were being torn apart from laughter.  If you’re local, I highly recommend checking it out.  For the deal you need to book in advance, but the 10 I dragged along with me are already talking about booking next month’s already after their first experience.  A hard earned £10 well spent.

And, if you’re like me and you enjoy a cocktail (ok or two, or three), buy yourself a Cherry Popper.  Sweet yet sour, Disaronno and cherry brandy, my absolute favourite.  If you’re one of those crazy ones however who does’t like almond or cherry, treat yourself to a Espresso Martini instead.  You can thank me later.

Saltram House : Plymouth : Devon

A random day to oneself + A National Trust card + iPhone =