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My first kids photography shoot

Ok, so my camera is like an extension to my right arm – so it’s about time I put that to some good use.  Step in one of my best friends two girl’s to give me a crash course in photographing children.  Oh, how much they have taught me without even knowing it.

It was great having the both of them, and seeing how 2 very different personalities interact with (or avoid!) the camera.  I was (quietly) nervous entering my first kids shoot, attempting to expect the unexpected with them, but I’ve walked away so excited to take more photo’s, get more experienced and enjoy more days like these!  We did an outdoors shoot and we honestly had such great fun.  They had me smiling and laughing most of the day, and I didn’t feel like I was working at all (isn’t that what we all want?)  I ditched the gym that morning, but after four hours running around and playing with them, all whilst trying to get some great photos, I got all the work out I needed that day!


Hello : October

Credit: here.

October, where did you come from?!  You’ve completely snuck up on me with no warning and taken me off guard.  The heating is now on, the layers are being wrapped around me tightly, when the work hours finish my mind instantly wonders to sofa slumbering and warming, comforting food.

But there’s not too much time for squidging up in warm cozy nooks, October is also the month of birthday celebrations.  This year I hope to enter a new age in a relaxed, loved, simple kind of way.  BF and I are meeting after a far too long a gap for copious amounts of cuddles and cocktails, and an explore of Bath and thermal pools when we can tare ourselves away.  A small intimate dinner date with close friends to seal the deal when I return, and that’ll be me, another year older, another year of finding myself.

At the age of (almost) 31 I’m approximately 3,724 miles away form where I thought I’d be, and it’s only in the last few days and months I’ve felt I know truly where I want to be.  That place is scary, it’s filled with uncertain challenges, but it also feels right and where I belong.  I’m scared to take the steps I know I need to walk, but I’m petrified to remain in my current life.  It’s had it’s time, but it’s now time to add itself into my memories for new days and journeys ahead.

You have no idea what you’re wishing me luck for, but I’ll take all the luck that’s kindly offered into my next chapter…

Falling in love with fall…

I’m not the best known for loving winter (/fall).  I kick and screeeeeeam my way into the cold wintery months.  If someone told me I cold duck my head under the duvet and hibernate there until spring, I’d probably take them up on their offer.  I love the feeling of summer air on my skin, pretty summer dresses, squishing my toes in sand, looking undead with a delicate golden tan…  Winter snaps me hard out of that daydream, of blissful summer love.

I’m making no promises this year that I’m going to love winter anymore than normal, with exception that I’m going to try.  For the first time quite possibly ever, I’ve found a winter coat that I LOVE.  I’m going to update my wardrobe and make it winter ready, take time for me, time for the things I enjoy that I don’t always need (blissful) sunshine for.  Photography, lazy mornings in bed, more Body Balance classes, fresh walks along the beach, more BF time, more creative time…

Photo’s here & here.

How do you get yourself through winter?