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I’ve moved blogs!


Hey all!

I know I know! Long time no positing right?!  I’m say sorry, am well I am, but I got kinda lost on here.  I lost what my purpose was, what I was actually blogging about.

It did however, let me discover what I REALLY want to do, and I’ve been focusing all my energy on that.  It’s time to start my own business and I am beyond excited!  I’d love all your support and be able to follow you back from my new blog (and portfolio – this one does both!) so please come say hi!  I’ve tonnes to update, and there’s a few posts I’m going to transfer over.

Be awesome to see you there!


Everyday I’m tumblr-ing : Social Media

I’m attempting to pull my finger out of my derrière and get all my social media up and working for me, and consistent – I’m a little all over the place at the moment.  It’s all very disorientating.

Anyway, on that note, have you come across my tumblr site yet?  Oh, some of you haven’t?  Well let me show you want collage of inspiration you’re missing out on!

When I’ve a stack of things I need to get done, I can spend hours tumblr-ing away filling my procrastinating time instead.  Have you got a tumblr blog?  I’m always after my next fix of tumblr inspiration – so hook me up!

Scribbles & Ink : Turning a house into a home

I’ve illustration pins and reblogged tumlr images everywhere, and the new(ish) apartment means getting some of these saved images scattered on my walls (and ribs) as well as the web.  I’ve just ordered the first on a whim… 

Catherine Campbell print via Etsy

And oh how I need to contact this artist and see about getting me a self portrait.  I’ve never commissioned anything in my life, and feel somewhat extravagant doing so, but how lovely would one of these be??  I’ll need to dust off some French first.  Ok, I’ll enlist some french help…

Illustration by Marynn

And um, *cough*, yeah, whilst I am currently in the process of removing one tattoo (may have to do a post on this full, looooooooong, beyond painful experience at some point) I REALLY do want another.  I’m 80% sure I want this style, but it’s not fixating itself on my body unless I reach at least 99.6% sure.

Tattoo by Marie Kraus

Marilyn Monroe print by Keishia via Etsy

Found via tumblr

And who’d have thought knees could look so cute, right?

Image via SF Girl by Bay

Found via Pinterest

I think it’s the age creeping in.  I’m having all these urges to nest and create a ‘home’.  There’s so much to do, and so much to buy, and goes against all my traveller’s instincts.  But hey, anyone see why I can’t have both?  Nope, me neither.

Quote of the Month : June

There’s a billion and one quotes flitting around on the net, but you know when you come across one and it just totally fits?  Yeah?  Well this one did for me.

Without wanting to open a who psychology debate (although maybe I do want to get into that, feel free to start!), I think we look at our own upbringing, and have quite a firm mind on what parts we want to pass on to our own children, and what ‘mistakes’ our own parents made and vow never to do that to our own.  This 100% sums up all my views in one swift sentence.

Coco Prints, Etsy.