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Home is where the heart is


Considering the wanderlust blood that pumps though my veins, home is feeling so good right now.  I’ve moved house more time than I care to remember, and more than any of my friends can catch up with.  You know you have to put some roots down when every time a friend visits the first question they ask is… “sorry, where do you live again now??”  So, I’ve been planting, laying those roots.  And I’m there, nearly.  Essentials in (and the rest ordered) and in the new year I can focus on those finishing nesting touches.

And 2013 will see the start of my kicking my photography right up the arse.  Yes, I said arse.  And it’s being well and truly kicked.  I’m not getting in the way of me achieving this ambition.  And yup, can hold me to that.



001: Butter London ‘Sprog‘ // 002: Cute storage // 003: ASOS studded clutch // 004: Topshop high tops // 005: Topshop ‘Sea Mist‘ // 006: It’s all about the huge neck wear // 007: Geometric luuurve // 008: I will sleep!! // 009: Butter London ‘Muggins‘ // 010: Just posin’ // 011: Lazy PJ day // 012: Mini splurge // 013: Last chance to get the toes out before winter sets in // 014: Bath Abbey // 015: Birthday chocolates, yum and yum // 016: Safari! // 017: Deer feeding 🙂 // 018: Plymouth, on a good day // 019: New favourite poem // 020: Mocha love // 021: Beefing up the hair // 022: Longleat House // 023: Whoops // 024: BF gave me his heart… // 025: I’m not sharing my wish with you, it won’t come true // 026: These little guys weren’t shy! // 027: Bath Abbey

Things I’ve learnt this last, umm, while..?

  • Butter London nail varnishes, oh my, they’re AWESOME!  I tested them out, love the consistency, apply so easily and lasted 8 days, let me repeat EIGHT days before chipping!  I’m pretty lazy when it comes to changing my varnish, I just want to apply it and leave it to look awesome, no maintenance here please.  I’ll definitely be purchasing some more, Fiddlesticks from their new holiday collection is the next on my list.
  • I never thought I’d own a pair of wedge high tops, but I now own two pairs!  This pair from Office are also super cool, super comfy.
  • Plymouth really isn’t so bad, when the sun is shining.  I’m such a coastal girl.


I feel in a bit of a daze of late.  It’s kinda swooped up on me, slapped me in the face whilst simultaneously throwing me in a choke hold.  I don’t know if it was hitting another birthday; albeit they’ve never affected me before, or something else.  31.  Thirty-funkin-one.  Geez, is this where I’m supposed to be in life at 31?  Really?  My baby ticking clock hasn’t hit me, but my life one has, and damn has it knocked me off my feet.

Last night whilst out to dinner with some awesome friends, I made a wish whilst blowing out the birthday candles, and it’s big, and it’s huge, and it’s daunting.  I’ve read enough psychology books to know if you’ve got a big fat goal you break it down into bite sized chunks, I get that.  But this, this just seems epic, like I could be chewing for a lifetime and still never get there.  It’s scary stuff.

*Types “life mentor” into Google and hits return*

Shake that derrière!

I’m going against all of my natural winter’s instincts of hibernation and sloth-like-existenceness, and pursuing ripped buffness shedding those extra few pounds.  I generally get those strange looks, that’s not abnormal, but my exercise regime works for me.  Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings, and a couple other gym classes/running/dance classes thrown in during the week for good measure.

It’s all about finding a routine that works for you.  I’ve found two gym classes I absolutely adore, Nuffield’s All Over Body Workout on a Saturday morning (10.30am, not too early, it is the weekend after all – but not too late you still have the whole rest of the day), and Body Balance on a Sunday evening.  Balance is great for clearing your head of the week’s stresses, (kinda!) ready to start all over again on Monday morning.  During the week?  I try and go every other day, but I’m not too precious.  I don’t dictate to myself what I have to do, if I fancy a spinning class, I’ll go spinning, if I want to get those lovely endorphins flowing and challenge the lungs, I’ll go running, if I want something a little calmer and re-stretch those muscles, I’ll go to another Body Balance class.

The point being, I don’t set myself into a routine I’m going to get bored of.  Whatever exercise I fancy on the day is what I’ll go and do.  Mix it up a little, as long as you’re regularly moving that body of yours, it’s better that spending every night sat on the sofa right?  And don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE my sofa day’s, but I don’t feel guilty ever for having them.  They’re my down time, not the norm.

Having said that, if someone wants to give my a shot of motivation for tonights class and wake up my sleepy head, I’d be eternally grateful 😉

Hello : October

Credit: here.

October, where did you come from?!  You’ve completely snuck up on me with no warning and taken me off guard.  The heating is now on, the layers are being wrapped around me tightly, when the work hours finish my mind instantly wonders to sofa slumbering and warming, comforting food.

But there’s not too much time for squidging up in warm cozy nooks, October is also the month of birthday celebrations.  This year I hope to enter a new age in a relaxed, loved, simple kind of way.  BF and I are meeting after a far too long a gap for copious amounts of cuddles and cocktails, and an explore of Bath and thermal pools when we can tare ourselves away.  A small intimate dinner date with close friends to seal the deal when I return, and that’ll be me, another year older, another year of finding myself.

At the age of (almost) 31 I’m approximately 3,724 miles away form where I thought I’d be, and it’s only in the last few days and months I’ve felt I know truly where I want to be.  That place is scary, it’s filled with uncertain challenges, but it also feels right and where I belong.  I’m scared to take the steps I know I need to walk, but I’m petrified to remain in my current life.  It’s had it’s time, but it’s now time to add itself into my memories for new days and journeys ahead.

You have no idea what you’re wishing me luck for, but I’ll take all the luck that’s kindly offered into my next chapter…

Falling in love with fall…

I’m not the best known for loving winter (/fall).  I kick and screeeeeeam my way into the cold wintery months.  If someone told me I cold duck my head under the duvet and hibernate there until spring, I’d probably take them up on their offer.  I love the feeling of summer air on my skin, pretty summer dresses, squishing my toes in sand, looking undead with a delicate golden tan…  Winter snaps me hard out of that daydream, of blissful summer love.

I’m making no promises this year that I’m going to love winter anymore than normal, with exception that I’m going to try.  For the first time quite possibly ever, I’ve found a winter coat that I LOVE.  I’m going to update my wardrobe and make it winter ready, take time for me, time for the things I enjoy that I don’t always need (blissful) sunshine for.  Photography, lazy mornings in bed, more Body Balance classes, fresh walks along the beach, more BF time, more creative time…

Photo’s here & here.

How do you get yourself through winter?

The Blue Mile : Plymouth

The camera and I took a seafront wonder for an upcoming post, and I just so happened to find myself in the exact right place, at the exact right time today.  Full photo’s coming in a few weeks (this is a big planned post), but here’s a little sneak, where I stumbled upon The Blue Mile taking part in Plymouth.  Literally, just in time to see 4 of this years Olympic gold medallists pose for photo’s seconds before the race began.  You gotta love it when unplanned excellent timing hits you on a random stroll.