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Sneak Peak : Oversized ASOS studded clutch

Oversized studded clutch/ASOS

Getting all winter ready, I decided I needed to order my first snood.  Which I’m now totally in love with, and am now of the complete bewilderment why I’ve only ever entertained the idea of scarves before, all that flapping around material – not any more!  But anyway, I digress.  Whilst navigating my way around ASOS, it’s difficult impossible not to get a little way too sidetracked, which I MIGHT just have done, again.

I’m both feet, hook line and sinker into the studded trend right now, and I’m a sucker for an awesome clutch anyway, so I had no hope when my eyes laid my eyes across this.  AND it’s currently in the sale.  AND it’s going to unknowingly teach me the hard lesson of not carrying my entire life in my handbag.  (I’m not the only one who does that, right??)


Where’s the nearest oversized tee anonymous?

I’ve got an addiction.  It crept up on me.  I wasn’t planning it, no one told me.  It just sprung itself on me, and I unknowingly embraced it.  I walk through a shop, just browsing away, as you do, then BAM!  It hits the corner of my eye, my neck turns sharply with ninja like  reflexes.  THAT oversized tee has caught my eye, must. walk. over. and. have. it. now.  I know, it’s a strange one huh?  But I can’t help it, it’s not my fault, they’re just so comfy and easy to wear.

I’d link you up to the H&M site, but they frustratingly never seem to have on line what I see in store (and vice versa).  It seems to be H&M month this month, and H&M metallic month at that.

So with skinny jeans on, and one super oversized metallic gold tee, it can only mean one thing, cocktails-o’clock with a good girly catch up.

Silver linen, meet neon…

Silver linen blazer/H&M – Neon vest/H&M – Grey skinny jeans/H&M

Whoops.  I can’t even remember what I was aiming to buy when I popped into H&M, but it wasn’t any of these.  I just kind of walked from one end of the store to the other, and these just gravitated towards me, flinging themselves over my arms.  It happens.  Really.

You know your boyfriend loves you when…

…he buys you a super cute vest tee telling you so!

I know, I know, super cute right??  I don’t know whether I love the bold punchy graphics, or the unique packaging more!  You can get your hands on one (ok, direct your boyfriend) here.  And speaking of boyfriends…  They’ve an awesome range for guys, and as everyone seems to be mentioning that disgusting ‘C’ word already, bookmark Pistol Boutique‘s page ready and waiting for those festive purchases.

On target : Topshop meets H&M

I’ve worn this oversized, charity t-shirt to death.  Literally.  If I’m ever in a what to wear(?!?!?) mood(/frenzy) this is generally what I whip on.  It goes with EVERYTHING, and today I’ve teamed it up with a couple of my latest H&M finds.  How this mint cropped sleeved jacket ever found itself in the sale I’ll continued to be baffled & thrilled by.  And grey tone jeans for under £10?!  Thank you H&M!  Whole outfit (minus the Firetrap boots) for £50.  Hands up who loves the Bristish high street!!

Pretty in ‘Topshop ombre’ pink

There are things in this world that I am good at, there are things that I’m pretty freakin’ awesome at, however, I AM NOT pretty freakin’ awesome at winter clothes shopping,  If you looked at the what the complete 180°, polar opposite to pretty freakin’ awesome was when it came to winter clothes shopping, you’d find me stood there, freezing my tush off in a (cute) summer outfit screaming “I SUCK AT WINTER CLOTHES SHOPPING”.  Let me give you an example…

The weekend.  My wardrobe needs updating, and getting winter ready.  Above all else, I need some pants/trousers/jeans, some chunky knits and the dreaded winter coat.  I hit the shops, I went high, I went low, I rummaged, tried pretty much every suitable item on possible.  And what did I walk away with?  One item.  Just one.  And that one item?  Obviously the super practical, super warm, cut away Topshop t-shirt dress.  Yeah, I SUCK, I know.  Can one of you please nurse me whilst I’m suffering from hyperthermia, pleeeeeease?

Oh, and I’ll be announcing the winners of last week’s giveaway tomorrow!

Neon Bodycon Dress : Orange Luuuuuurve

I know, I know, I’ve ranted enough about our lack of summer, but I promise (fingers crossed behind back) this is the last time.  THE (I’m slightly going to exaggerate now) worst thing about our non existent summer, has to be the fact I bought this little beauty at the start of ‘summer’ all ready to inject a bit of colour into the work wardrobe – and I just haven’t had the opportunity to wear it.  Ok, that’s not 100% truthful as we did have 2.37 minutes of summer and I could have worn it then, but I also developed a mini ‘cake gut’, and I’m not having no cake gut of mine flashing neon orange to anyone thank you very much.  Cake gut now (almost) gone again, and it’ll have to be stored away for next year, but in the mean time it gets one last swirl around the lounge before it does…

Oh, and I haven’t said, the best thing about the dress, (now please sit down, I don’t want you to choke/stumble/faint on me) it was only £13; full price!! Yes yes yes! ONE THREE POUNDS (that’s less than $20 for my lovely U.S. followers).  As much as I say I hate Primark (and I hate Primark), sometimes it comes up absolute trumps.