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September’s most AWESOME blogs…

September’s been all about finding myself some sort of routine again.  I’ve been all out of sorts of late, and I’ve felt it physically and mentally.  So the gym schedule has been penned in my diary, no more snaking on the go and making REAL food again, taking down time of absolute nothingness, and remembering to do ONE THING AT A TIME!  Yeah I can multitask, name a woman who can’t, but juggling 38 balls all at once gets somewhat a little stressful.  I see you nodding in agreement.

So, it’s time to start holiday saving, making some of the recipes I’ve been pinning like a crazed pinning machine, and updating and warming up that wardrobe of mine.

  1. I REALLY want to start making some video diaries.  I love watching other people’s, I must get over my fear on learning how to edit them.
  2. Sophie Dahl is just beautiful…
  3. I need to find out if this granola is as killer as it states, after making my first batch, I can confirm it certainly is!
  4. I absolutely adore the little love stories on this blog.
  5. Leather, studs and lace, what’s not to love?!
  6. I never thought I’d say it, but I want a black panther tshirt.
  7. Love black and white, love simplicity, love beautiful handwriting.
  8. Must. Be. More. Brave. With. My. Lip. Colour.
  9. This totally inspired me to get more crafty.
  10. I soooooooooooo hope these brownies taste as jaw dropping good as they look!!
  11. As if I didn’t already want a holiday badly enough… So, so jealous.

How’s your September treated you?


August’s best… Blogs

I get inspiration from a stack of places, not just other people’s blogs.   I have however,  wanted to somehow share the one’s that have caught my eye the most, and have been having a self debate on how I want to share these with you guys, so I may over the upcoming months have a play around with how I do.  But for now, I’m going to give you a “Best of the Month” in blog world, according to me.
  1. I’ve just found Sylvia’s blog this month, and love her mix of fashion, twisted in with great photography and a good dose of travel.
  2. Does there sound like a more perfect cookie??
  3. You know I’ve been loving everything pale and white and pastel and soothing lately?  Well I’m now loving this twist with neon pastel shades!
  4. One of my fav 365 project’s lately.
  5. Try not to get puppy dog eyes over these little chaps and their cardboard crowns!
  6. This is making it in purely for it’s plane shots, I can’t stop taking ones of my own.
  7. I get closet envy whenever I read Cath’s posts.  *Swoon*.
  8. I want to start being more cohesive and THINK about my own Instagram shots.  One of the sets I admire.
  9. The first song INSTANTLY takes me bag to Thailand and wipes a massive smile across my face.  I still judge the rest of the.ego.tripper’s music taste mind. *Insert smily/winking face*
  10. Desserts in jars?? What an AWESOME idea for a summer picnic.  This book’s hitting my wish list.
  11. Creative career launch hints and tips: wrapped up nicely here.

50 shades of White…

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I’m not sure if it’s my mood of lack or the fact that life seems to be non stop of late, but my usual brightly coloured neon obsession seems to have tucked itself away in the back of my mind and closet, and I’m craving all things calm and muted.  I can’t even say I’m lusting after pastel shades, as well, I’m just finding them too bright also of late.  My white, lot’s and lot’s of white, and every shade of white – there’s a huge (but super subtle) difference, if you stop to look.

All photo’s here and here.

Everyday I’m tumblr-ing : Social Media

I’m attempting to pull my finger out of my derrière and get all my social media up and working for me, and consistent – I’m a little all over the place at the moment.  It’s all very disorientating.

Anyway, on that note, have you come across my tumblr site yet?  Oh, some of you haven’t?  Well let me show you want collage of inspiration you’re missing out on!

When I’ve a stack of things I need to get done, I can spend hours tumblr-ing away filling my procrastinating time instead.  Have you got a tumblr blog?  I’m always after my next fix of tumblr inspiration – so hook me up!

Scribbles & Ink : Turning a house into a home

I’ve illustration pins and reblogged tumlr images everywhere, and the new(ish) apartment means getting some of these saved images scattered on my walls (and ribs) as well as the web.  I’ve just ordered the first on a whim… 

Catherine Campbell print via Etsy

And oh how I need to contact this artist and see about getting me a self portrait.  I’ve never commissioned anything in my life, and feel somewhat extravagant doing so, but how lovely would one of these be??  I’ll need to dust off some French first.  Ok, I’ll enlist some french help…

Illustration by Marynn

And um, *cough*, yeah, whilst I am currently in the process of removing one tattoo (may have to do a post on this full, looooooooong, beyond painful experience at some point) I REALLY do want another.  I’m 80% sure I want this style, but it’s not fixating itself on my body unless I reach at least 99.6% sure.

Tattoo by Marie Kraus

Marilyn Monroe print by Keishia via Etsy

Found via tumblr

And who’d have thought knees could look so cute, right?

Image via SF Girl by Bay

Found via Pinterest

I think it’s the age creeping in.  I’m having all these urges to nest and create a ‘home’.  There’s so much to do, and so much to buy, and goes against all my traveller’s instincts.  But hey, anyone see why I can’t have both?  Nope, me neither.

Lust List : Monochrome Summer

It might be summer, the season of all things bright, popping, neon, floral and zesty, but I’m craving monochrome and simplicity.  In everything.  And I desperately need to inject some personality into my new(ish) apartment I’m yet to thrust my stamp all over.  This is what’s hitting my radar right now, and probably my credit card shortly too…


1. the big harumph print via etsy.  2.  Third Floor Design print via Etsy.  3. Mini & Maximus print.  4. Via Atelier Turner blog.


1. Washi tape.  2. FREE decals from The Painted Hive blog.


1. Maldives baby yeah!!


1. Arrow hoops via Lila Rice.  2. Found on Pinterest.


1. Blanket via Fem Home.


1. Found on Pinterest.

Ok, so even credit card’s limit won’t stretch to the Maldives vacation, but a girl can daydream until her honeymoon right?  And yes, I’ve primed BF by instantly sending him this photo when I found it, with a message asking when we’re eloping.  I’m still here.  You can unfortunately assume the answer wasn’t “Now honey.  I’m booking the tickets and whisking you off your feet NOW.  Pack your sunscreen, bikini and get writing them vows!”  Silver lining, I get to be an un-honest woman a while longer.  *Grins*

Flash Back : Design & Interior Style

Following on from my Personal Style scrapbook post, here’s some of the ones from my interior and design book.  I love Pinterest, and it makes the whole ‘scrapbooking/inspiration boards/need to refer back to’ process a whooooooole lot simpler.  However, having a look back through these scrapbooks I’m getting pure nostalgia, and whilst Pinterest is simpler, more efficient, it’s also more clinical.  I miss my torn paper, Pritt Stick and masking tape…

…However I am currently wondering what interior ‘artwork’ I can conduct with the above process.  Hmmmmn.  What this space.