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Boy in blue

Do you know what feels good?  Finally realising what you want to do in life.  When a camera’s in my hand, I’m in that happy place that no longer feels like work.  Here’s some of the latest of a little man in blue 🙂


My first baby photography shoot

Here’s just a few from my first baby photography session, completely different to my first kids shoot!  Each time I’m learning a little more and a little more…  I’m trying to get the editing balance just right, I see so many overly Photoshoped baby photo’s, and I really want mine to stay as true to the baby/child as possible, and just enhancing where needed.  YouTube has been fantastic for tutorials and after each session I seem to be getting just a little quicker, and picking up one or two new tricks to play around with.

So guys, this is baby Erin.  Feedback as always appreciated…