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Pretty in ‘Topshop ombre’ pink

There are things in this world that I am good at, there are things that I’m pretty freakin’ awesome at, however, I AM NOT pretty freakin’ awesome at winter clothes shopping,  If you looked at the what the complete 180°, polar opposite to pretty freakin’ awesome was when it came to winter clothes shopping, you’d find me stood there, freezing my tush off in a (cute) summer outfit screaming “I SUCK AT WINTER CLOTHES SHOPPING”.  Let me give you an example…

The weekend.  My wardrobe needs updating, and getting winter ready.  Above all else, I need some pants/trousers/jeans, some chunky knits and the dreaded winter coat.  I hit the shops, I went high, I went low, I rummaged, tried pretty much every suitable item on possible.  And what did I walk away with?  One item.  Just one.  And that one item?  Obviously the super practical, super warm, cut away Topshop t-shirt dress.  Yeah, I SUCK, I know.  Can one of you please nurse me whilst I’m suffering from hyperthermia, pleeeeeease?

Oh, and I’ll be announcing the winners of last week’s giveaway tomorrow!


One response

  1. Love this dress! Have to work on getting my body back in shape and THEN I could consider wearing it!

    September 10, 2012 at 5:43 pm

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