Photograph-a-holic's style diary

Welcome : August

Credit: Here.

August, well, aren’t you going to keep me on my toes.  I’ve completely gotten out of all routine and I feel like I’m chasing my tale getting nowhere fast, so time to get back on track and hold those reigns on life again.

1. Gym & run and lose the growing tum!  Too much cake and too much work has left those jeans getting just.a.little.bit.too.snug…and breathe…

2. Work life.  Getting far too out of control and there’s just not enough hours in my working day.  I’ve had a good chat with Boss, let’s get a little bit of weight off my shoulders.

3. Enjoy every waking hour of sunshine.

4. Get working on some recipes for the blog!  I’ve a great big list I want to perfect, so time to get perfecting and get sharing.  I apologise for any inches I add to your waist!  (Or maybe I’ll stick with the tasty but healthy this month… Hmmmmn.  Watch this space).


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