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Koh Chang II : Thailand : Travel

Now, as much as I loved my first visit to Koh Chang a couple years earlier, I wasn’t planning on returning on this trip.  I had wanted to travel down south again to the much more picturesque islands on offer.  But no, the weather again was not on my side and torrential storms dictated I was heading back to Koh Chang.  And oh was the sun shining there!  Trying to sunbath had even my sweat sweating, however by day 2, I’d given up my little swims in the sea to cool off.  Having a very, VERY near miss from walking through a school of jellyfish and having an utter freak out stamp/run/splash/kick around them to get out (I’d already been stung by one on my second trip, and one tentacle wrapped around my arm was painful enough!), concluded the sea was no longer for me.  When it comes to the sea, I’m one of ‘those’ who react like I’m being bitten by a shark when a piece of seaweed brushes against my leg, you really can imagine the above reaction to actual jellyfish. *Shudder*

On a more pleasant animal encounter, I did however have a ride and a swim with this guy (above elephant – I forget his name).  After taking a trek through the jungle, we paid a few more bhat to be taken on down to one of the rivers.  The elephant proceeds to walk his way into the water, before his handler decides to surprise us non suspecting tourists and getting him to kneel down thus us being thrown from his back straight into the river.  So, not only can I now boast the whole swimming with dolphins thing after my New Zealand adventure, but also a far more unique experience of swimming with elephants.  I will point out if you’re thinking of trying it (and I’d highly recommend it), that elephants aren’t the most considerate whilst you’re trying to swim and will happily poo away.  Thank you Mr Prompt Elephant Handler for sorting it before I had another freak out water experience which inevitably would have lead to me screaming in disgust and ultimately dying from drowning.  And no, I’ve obviously never been known for my over exaggeration of life threatening encounters.  Honest.

Now, apart from the huge amount of lazing in hammocks that you’ll do, I defy you not to get hooked on the nightly BBQ’s.  (Ok, if you don’t like fish you’ll hate them, but if you don’t, you’ve completely scored).  Each evening you’ll find a BBQ on one of the beaches, followed by an outdoor cinema screening if you’re going for a more relaxed affair, unlike my first trip.  There’s a huge array of freshly caught seafood you can pile your plates high with and devour within minutes, all washed down with a Chang beer.  I swear there’s no better BBQ than a Thailand BBQ, but I am somewhat biased as we’ve come to learn.

And breakfast?  Well, ummm, where do I start with this place…?  I was far too embarrassed to go around taking photo’s once I’d actually noticed the phallic theme of the establishment, but I managed to sneak one in.  We ate here for breakfast maybe 4 or 5 mornings, and it wasn’t until the 3rd time of tucking down on our delectable pineapple pancakes with lashings of maple syrup did I look up and get an eyeful.  And then they were EVERYWHERE.  The pillars holding the hut up, doorhandles, ‘chandeliers’, EVERYWHERE.  I may have been in my late 20’s at the time, but it didn’t stop a childish chuckle or two as I then gawked around!


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