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Oh, I’m getting big fat holiday/UK weather blues.  Motivation for anything is severely lacking, unless you mention the word hibernation, and then I’m all up for that right now.  No one needs to get rained upon the whole of June, and now July.  Moan moan moan.

So, in the attempt to get some form of sunshine in my life, I’m turning this week into Thailand week.  I’ve routed back through my Thailand photo’s (and now currently fidgety to buy my next Thailand flights!  Sponsored Thailand flights for blog posts anyone??) and we’re going to start where most do – Bangkok.

Now, as much as I love LOVE Thailand, things haven’t always ran smoothly for me whilst getting there, but we’ll come to that later.   Let’s not scare you off before we even begin.  Bangkok, I won’t lie, won’t be for everyone, and even I feel a two day stop on the way in and out of Thailand is enough – get me to those beaches!!  However, I do fully revel in those two days whilst I’m there.

Picking the typical tourist stop I bunk myself up somewhere close to Khao San Road.  It’s dirty, it’s noisy, it’s busy, it’s full of life, full of market stalls, entertainment, beggars, people, street food, buckets of Sang Som, and I love it!  On my first trip, I pretty much bought everything, these days, I’m slightly more selective.  It’s a hard task when you’re surrounded by hundreds, thousands, ten of thousands of clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes… A very hard task indeed.  However, one thing I end up with more, and more, and more of each time I return are Thai massages.  Ooooooh my.  I’ve tried to find a Thai masseuse since I’ve returned and had no success.  I’ve had dozens of different massages, but NOTHING compares to a Thai massage by a true Thai person.  I return daily, sometimes twice a day.  Go, I defy you to be disappointed.

Back to things not running smoothly…  I have a Thailand travel routine (which I’ll be swiftly changing for my next trip), which goes something like this:

Get up > Go to work > Come home > Shower > Eat > Pack > Get hair cut > Get midnight coach to London > Fly to Bangkok (via a stopover somewhere) > Taxi to hotel > Dump bags > Go for a bimble along Koh San Road.

It’s a routine that’s worked well on my last two trips.  Tire myself out during the day, so my body has little choice but to sleep on the coach and plane.  By the time I land I’m ready to go again.  Perfect.  And no jet leg.  Double win.

My last Thailand trip:

Get up > Go to work > Come home > Eat > Pack > Get hair cut > Get midnight coach to London > Fly to Bangkok (via a stopover somewhere) – oh, nope. Time for things to go wrong. > Flight delayed > Connection in Qatar missed > Unhelpful airport staff advise the next Bangkok flight is 3 days away > I sulk and have a mini lack of sleep tantrum > 8 hour wait in airport > Business class flight upgrade after my sleep deprived tantrun to the Philippines (I soooo need to fly this way more often! Yes I’ll have another glass of champagne please!) > Arrive at Philippines > Airport staff have no idea what to do with us > Bags need checking out, then checking back in at another terminal > My bag no where to be seen, hmmmmn > Mini panic attack > Flight to Bangkok > Attempt to find airport staff who can help me with missing luggage > 2 hours later find airport staff willing to help > Airport luggage handlers decide my bag needs to visit London again before meeting me in Bangkok > Taxi to hotel > Decide 3 days is now way too long to be wearing the same underwear and not having brushed teeth > Decide my body is too over exhausted to do anything about it and let head hit the pillow > Up way too early the next day > Taxi back to airport > 3 hour wait > Luggage reunion > Taxi back to hotel > Shower > CLEAN CLOTHES, CLEAN TEETH – BLISS > Curse Qatar Airways for the 53,743 time > Holiday starts.

Morals of the story:

1. Make sure carry clean under, toothpaste & toothbrush in hand luggage.

2. Never get an express connection.

3. Never fly with Qatar Airways.

4. Attempt on all occasion’s to get a seat upgrade.  Worth EVERY penny pound.  (And always great when you blag it for free!  In this instance, WELL deserved).


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  2. Paradise..
    Beautiful pictures.

    July 11, 2012 at 9:59 pm

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