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Brussels : Belgium

Ok, so here’s the biggest understatement you’ll ever hear from me.  The Palais de Justice is the most AWESOME building I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  Fact.  Bar none.  My visit went a little something like this:

Me & BF strolling around Brussels.  In the skyline a grand looking building erupts itself from its neighbouring buildings.
Me: I NEED to go there.  NEED.
A short walk later and standing at the bottom of the ramps leading up to the main building..
Me: Wow.  It’s huge.  It’s friggin’ huge.  Like, I’ve never seen ANYTHING so big.  Ever.  I’ve been to New York and the towers are huge, but this, it’s… it’s… it’s just ENORMOUS.  Have you ever seen anything so big?
BF: Erm…
Me: But really, do you not think it’s THE most impressive building you’ve ever seen?  I really don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so big.  I can’t even see to the friggin’ top!  It’s just, it’s just so…
BF: Big?
Me: Yeah..! 

Yeah, you can take the safe assumption I on the spot fell instantly in love with this building.  I have no idea how long I was there with my jaw on the floor, my iPhone snapping like mad.  I was however, more than a little disappointed in an absolute desperate sulk as you weren’t able to go inside on the day I visited, and I saw it just a few hours before leaving to return to the UK.  Gutted is not the word.  Especially after seeing the on-line photo’s once I returned to the UK (take 2 of über sulk promptly commenced).  Overall, Brussels I’m not overly in a rush to return to, I preferred my visit to Bruges, however I WILL be returning purely for this building alone and to openly drool over some more.  I’m going to say one thing to you – VISIT.  That is all.

Anyway, apparently there’s other places to visit in Brussels.  You’ll be forgiven for forgetting about them once you’ve visited the law courts, however I did find these on my camera when I got back, so they obviously must exist…

An obsessive with standards, we stayed in the Mr & Mrs Smith recommended hotel Be Manos.  If you want somewhere clean, sleek, modern with a nice little masculine twist, check it out.  I’d hit you with a better review, but the Mr & Mrs site has done a far better job than the justice I’ll give it.  Certainly received a thumbs up from us though.


3 responses

  1. These are really great photos, I especially like the fifth one down, is that also of The Palais de Justice?
    Daniella x

    June 19, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    • Hey, thank you 🙂 And no the 5th one’s a different building, but literally just down the road. There’s loads of pretty cool buildings within a 5/10 minute walk, the Palais just trumps them all though 😉

      June 20, 2012 at 5:12 pm

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